Sunday, June 27, 2010

Moving day has arrived

My time in Atlanta has come to and end. Our apartment is full of boxes. Sigh... we move to Chicago on Tuesday and then will move to Seattle in November. My father is kind enough to fly in and assist with the move.

Here are some pics, mainly of Taisei of the last 2 weeks or so:

Here are some summaries of Keiko's blog which has a bunch of pictures:
My dad mentioned Taisei's resemblance to the Pillsbury dougboy. So Keiko did a little research to who this doughboy is:

We joined in on a friend's yardsale to sell some dishes, our microwave, and some other items to lighten our load for 2 moves in 5 months.

Keiko's reaction to Taisei being called "round." She defends him as being round and tall :)

We had recent ending party for my graduation. We also had a going away party at work. At both, Taisei was present and became the center of attention.
(pics on the picasa website link above)

Here are some videos. His laughing has gotten bigger.

Keiko playing with Taisei. He is getting a little heavy for her.

This baby loves to jump. He has quite a funny laugh now.

The US team's play in the world cup is inspiring a new generation of soccer players.

A little nose-to-nose contact gets Taisei talking (for the first half of the video):

This is how Taisei tells Keiko he is hungry. Too bad for him it is so cute, Keiko and I have fun just listening and watching him rather than feeding him.

You might have to turn the volume up. Sounds of Taisei sleeping:

This is how Taisei wakes up. He pulls his legs up, gains some power, and throws his legs back on the floor.

A pleasant Taisei in the car.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 3-month bday Taisei

On this weekend, I had my CDC Experience fellowship graduation. My dad came down to Atlanta and joined us. Taisei and Keiko joined me at the CDC for my presentation I have at the ceremony.

Also, Taisei turned 3 months today. He's big enough for 4 or 5 months, but that is his age.

Here are the pics.

Keiko took some AMAZING videos this week. I'm sure you will enjoy.

Taisei's new laugh. He is in a great mood until he sees the camera. At that point, he seems to lose all interest. It's a common theme:

Probably my favorite video: Taisei smiles so cute whenever he looks at his dad but whenever he sees the camera he looks sooo serious. And this changes instantly depending where he looks. It goes back and forth a few times:

Playing with Taisei. He is a fun baby!

Tickling Taisei

He just started this headbutting thing

Taisei kicks around in preparation and then does his SUPERMAN pose

Starting to enjoy his toys

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Taisei's favorite pose

Recently, Taisei loves to stick out one arm straight with a fist, like he is flying off like superman. Keiko took pics from all different angles, very cute.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Taisei 2 months

The amount of pictures being taken has decreased a bit. Here are some from Taisei being about 9-11 weeks old.
(also on facebook)

We also have a few videos.

We believe you'll agree he is becoming cuter.

Taisei is telling me his problems. However, whenever he sees the camera he instantly gets mesmerized and becomes silent.

Caught him in a ticklish mood

Keiko LOVES these pajamas, mainly because of the little rhino feet.

Keiko likes this video... Taisei being entertained by staring at me surfing the net.