Sunday, September 5, 2010

Keiko's translated blog

Keiko has gone through her recent blog posts and translated them into English, just for our American friends and family, so please enjoy them and turn on the fun. (inside joke)

Taisei 4-5 months

I finally have finished one of the more busy months of my life and preview of next year. It's called sub-i, or sub-internship, a month where you are supposed to act like an intern while you are a 4th year medical student. I worked 95 hours my first week and worked 16 of the first 17 days. My schedule has calmed down a lot since then.

Updates on Taisei:
-He got his first teeth, the 2 on the bottom
-He can move across the room! No, not crawling. He can roll over both ways, but only one way. This means that he continuously goes one direction so he rolls around the room.
(see pics for both of these)

Pics from the last 6-8 weeks:

There are 6 weeks of movies here, and I am too lazy to split them up into different posts. Highlights include:
-learning to roll over from back to front, then front to back
-starting to sit up
-Games and tickling
-Taisei's bathtub wiggle dance
-Japanese style pat-a-cake

This is a very long but hilarious video of Taisei just kicking around and laughing.

He can sit up with some support now. He's beginning to enjoy some of his older toys.

I wonder how long until he crawls.

Reading to Taisei. We do this every night.

I tried out "the claw" from Liar Liar and it worked pretty good.

Taisei likes to do a wiggle dance in the bathtub.

Taisei makes an excellent test subject of a healthy baby exam.

Keiko is excellent at making Taisei laugh:

Keiko playing with Taisei, who was in a good mood.

Taisei loves baby einstein. He'll watch a whole episode no problem.

Taisei has gotten quite ticklish (at times).

Throwing Taisei up in the air.

Blowing on Taisei's belly

Taisei loves to play with sheets. We give him a sheet or blanket in his crib and sleeps great. (we remove it once he is asleep)

This was about the first time he was able to roll over.

This was him learning to roll over from front to back.

Getting much better at rolling over now.

Taisei loves this Japanese game, kind of like pat-a-cake, "The Lost Kitten"

Taisei's first drink of water (for constipation...)