Sunday, July 18, 2010

Taisei 3 months

More pics and videos. He is laughing a lot more and becoming more interactive, which is fun for Keiko and I. My postings may become more scarce now that I'm in medical school which means there will be a bit of a pileup, so here is lots of videos.


Taisei has become quite the talker. Here is 2 minutes of Taisei talking to his mom for about 10 minutes straight.

He also likes to talk when he is playing.

Taisei laughs at different things every day. (although those same things also become very uninteresting to Taisei randomly)

Keiko and I rotate reading to Taisei. One night is a Japanese book, the next is English. This video is Good Night Moon.

I thought it was Dad's job to make the kids laugh, but Keiko is much better at it.

Taisei has discovered his hands.

He loves playing (biting) with is oball.

Not quite 4 months, and already turning over... sometimes.. and he can only do it when he has no clothes on. But still, that's a lot of weight to turn over.

He is just learning peek-a-boo, but he gets so nervous when he can't see his mommy.

This is average Taisei, doing his chillaxin' thing. He is just one good baby.

If you can ignore the skinny pasty man in the background... Taisei appears to not like our apartment's pool.