Monday, October 17, 2011

First few months of San Diego

My intern year of residency is very busy. It leaves me little time to blog. So here is a quick summary:


Masato was born on August 11th.

We have had visits from all the grandparents. Father-in-law will be here the longest. We also were visited from the Milonas's. Trips include many pool trips (there is one in our community), the beach, the Safari Park, the zoo, pumpkin patch, and others.

I have been rotating on inpatient and outpatient pediatrics here in San Diego. It has been a lot of fun and very busy. I like all the other residents that I work with, especially the ones that are the same year as me.

San Diego really has close to perfect weather. I bought an electric bike to help me get to the extra far places on huge hills without sweating too much because it is bikeable weather every day here. We miss family of course but the are itself is just beautiful.

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